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Pond restored using ancient technology.7 Communities Respond to Glacier Loss in Peru

This project supports 7 high-mountain communities (Peruvian Andes) that are restoring indigenous water management technologies to cope with the loss of their key water source-glaciers. Their goal is to restore wetlands, using proven techniques to secure water for their livelihoods and wildlife. They document their results and share techniques with other mountain communities. As climate change advances, these indigenous communities are an example to the World. Join their efforts!

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If you wish to support the Instituto de Montaña based in Peru, please contact them via email: southamerica@mountain.org . Gracias!

Since 1972 The Mountain Institute has partnered with remote mountain communities in the highest, longest and oldest mountains of the world. We work together to conserve ecosystems, develop sustainable livelihoods and protect unique mountain cultures.