Andean Program (spanish version)

The Mountain Institute‘s - (Instituto de Montaña), South America Program was established in Peru in 1996 during a time of rapid social change in the mountain communities of the northern Andes. The expansion of large-scale mining and hydroelectric projects and a sharp increase in tourism coincided with a rapid decline in traditional means of livelihood within local communities. The resulting conflict between development and traditional cultures not only  exacerbated the economic challenges faced by local populations, it also accelerated deterioration of local mountain ecosystems.

To address these issues, TMI developed comprehensive community-based projects to demonstrate the potential for diversifying local methods of subsistence through community-based tourism and protection of biodiversity hotspots. The program has grown in the past 15 years and Instituto de Montaña is now recognized as one of the leading NGOs in Peru.

The TMI Andes staff coordinated a groundbreaking and productive international climate change workshop in July 2009. The activities described in the following projects are the result of the findings from that workshop.